6 February to 1 March 2014.

Gary Goodman is both a painter and a poet. More than this he creates through both mediums (and others) a window into the world as he sees it: a new perspective.

This is a world where humans and animals (or humans as animals) congregate, some are good many are not so good.

Through his paintings, drawings, monoprints constructions and ceramic decoration Gary Goodman shows us in simple visual language and naive style the narrative that makes up the stories that can be written about our lives.

Many of these are about relationships: Love Stories.

Here is an excerpt from one of Gary Goodman’s poems:

I carried you to the top of the hill
In my arms and on my back
At the top we ate our packed lunch
The wind running through the grass and our hair
I was St Christopher
You were a little creature
Your heart beating like a bird
Mine throbbing, legs trembling
I’ve held you many times
You always pretend to be an animal

Gary Goodman studied at Brighton University and has been performing and exhibiting since 1987.

Exhibitions of his paintings, prints and drawings have been shown nationally and internationally inc: National Portrait Gallery, Shawn Vinson USA, Mall Galleries London, Galleri Apothek Stokmarknes Norway, Art First London, Atelier Klint Germany, Charleston Farmhouse Sussex, Royal College of Art, Curwen Gallery London etc.

Gary Goodman has taken part in International Arts Symposia in Tallinn, Estonia; Brittany, France and Weimar, Germany.

Several editions of his screen prints have been published by Artizan Editions.

Gary Goodman teaches at Brighton University, Northbrook College, Emily Ball at Seawhites and Brighton Independent Printmakers.

A short documentary film about Gary Goodman (Dark Night, Bright Day) by David Kerr and Tony Moon (Empire State Films) was released in March 2012.

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