sometimes you wake up
feeling like you’ve been beaten with baseball bats
and then thrown down the stairs –
sometimes you wake up feeling shamefully
like you’ve done something really bad

it’s 5 to 8 in the evening
but it still feels like afternoon

deep summer sun rolls out
and blasts sideways through the pub window
the one that faces traffic in the road

as the level crossing signal
alarms across the street
you decide to have a last drink
you’ve been drinking all afternoon
and need one more

it’s bank holiday tomorrow
there’s a different sport
on each of the TV screens
but you can’t see them
because the sun has made you blind

you think of all the people you want to love
and you’re happy because you are able to love some of them
and you have beautiful daughters
but sometimes it’s not enough
you need intimacy and  privacy
and the older you get
the further away that little boat of desire becomes
Imageit’s closer to the horizon now