New Year

a shadow was thrown
at the height of her thighs
so I just saw the lower part of her legs,
her biker boots
and some of her fishnet tights
she was writing in chalk on the blackboard
Happy New Year to All Our Customers
she moved behind the bar
serving drinks
when she turned
the light splashed her face
I saw her red lipstick mouth
and dark ponytail hair,
eyes made big by clumpy mascara
I thought about things I might be able
to do better in the next 12 months –
be more positive
I told myself,
don’t let things get you down

there were 4 barmaids
all beautiful in a row
everybody is beautiful,
in a short while it will be
a whole new year
everybody is beautiful tonight
no longer bad-tempered
there was laughing
flashing teeth
breasts and mouths
and music
this time it was
Smells Like Teen Spirit
it reminded me
when I was in the forest in Estonia
making cardboard sculptures
on my own
I took a piss because nobody was around
the forest was damp and warm and swampy
I got bit on the end of my knob
by a mosquito –
in the evening
all of us artists were invited to a dinner
somebody important was there
and there were speeches
it seemed like a special occasion
but all I could think of was the
unbearable itch on my penis,
so the speeches
and drinking and eating went on
while I sat there
constantly and desperately rubbing the front of my trousers
a mosquito
my libido


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