Photo: Merry MichauPhoto: Merry Michau

Poetry reading at solo exhibition PV – Zimmerstewart 2011

YouTube vid of poetry reading at Zimmerstewart Gallery, Arundel.
Private View of Gary Goodman solo exhibition Feb 2011



Photo: Merry Michau


Superior 8

A 3 minute slideshow featuring 8 international artists: Ruth Franklin, Ruby Franklin, Joe Camoosa, Gary Goodman, Billy Childish, Chris Pig, Skip Williamson & Michael Jackson – photographed & arranged by Shawn Vinson – accompanied by the music of Trevor Watts -presented by

ORIGINAL PRINTS – Zimmerstewart Gallery from Feb 4th 2012

ImageSince printmaking is becoming more popular amongst both artists and collectors, we felt that we should recognise this and put together a group show which features pritns by some well established artists in their field as well as some interesting editions by some lesser known but equally as exciting Sussex based printmakers.

In addition to Wall Plate – Highlights (1987) by Patrick Caulfield we will show his Dressed Lobster (1980) and Red, Jug & Lamp (1992). From Terry Frost we have Camberwell Green (2001), an etching with woodblock and the Headingley series of lithographs from 1969 by John Walker (See above).

There will also be recent editions by Tracey Emin (etchings), Jake & Dinos Chapman (photogravure with chin colle), Tom Hammick (woodcuts), Giles Penny (linocuts), Gary Goodman (screenprints), and Betsy Dadd (monoprints) 

Some artists produce “artist books”: These are deluxe limited editions of a book, usually is a special case and often with an original print. We have such works by Paula Rego (O Vinho), Jake Chapman (three novels), Jim Dine (Entrada Drive and Peter Doig (L’Alpiniste – The Wonders of Skiing).

The exhibition will demonstrate the broad range of printmaking techniques used by artists – screenprints, woodcuts, lithographs, etchings, dry point and some monoprints – as well as the range of artists creating original prints both locally and internationally.

Many editions may be in folders or not on show, so do ask to see more works by any particular artist in the show.



We went for a drive in the countryside
and saw a fox with a broken leg
it was hobbling in a lay-by,
in the car park there was a sickly looking pigeon
bent head down next to a parked car’s wheel
not moving, dejected

in town I passed lots of rockabilly type girls
or were they burlesque dancers?
everyone seems to be a burlesque dancer these days
some had tattoos on their legs
that looked like varicose veins
they mostly wore polka-dot dresses
or jeans with big turnups
and had their hair in pony tails
I’d also seen plenty of young men
in old fashioned clothes with waxed moustaches
and short back and sides haircuts
why would anyone want to look like their granddad
or mine for that matter?
I also noticed quite a few people with lunatic asylum haircuts

Bambi went to Bristol –
when we left her she hugged me very hard
and said, I love you so much Daddy
the house feels too quiet
there is a daughter shaped hole
a shape that I know very well because we hugged very often
when I walk through town
past the people with haircuts
I sometimes see girls that are the same size
as her
with similar clothes or shapes
and little flattened noses
that’s when my heart leaps







I met this girl in a pub
I asked her what her name was
she said, Swallow
after she told me
she did a big exaggerated
but seeming involuntary swallowing motion

I wondered if this happened
each time she said her name out loud

I’m now looking for a girl whose name is

New Year

a shadow was thrown
at the height of her thighs
so I just saw the lower part of her legs,
her biker boots
and some of her fishnet tights
she was writing in chalk on the blackboard
Happy New Year to All Our Customers
she moved behind the bar
serving drinks
when she turned
the light splashed her face
I saw her red lipstick mouth
and dark ponytail hair,
eyes made big by clumpy mascara
I thought about things I might be able
to do better in the next 12 months –
be more positive
I told myself,
don’t let things get you down

there were 4 barmaids
all beautiful in a row
everybody is beautiful,
in a short while it will be
a whole new year
everybody is beautiful tonight
no longer bad-tempered
there was laughing
flashing teeth
breasts and mouths
and music
this time it was
Smells Like Teen Spirit
it reminded me
when I was in the forest in Estonia
making cardboard sculptures
on my own
I took a piss because nobody was around
the forest was damp and warm and swampy
I got bit on the end of my knob
by a mosquito –
in the evening
all of us artists were invited to a dinner
somebody important was there
and there were speeches
it seemed like a special occasion
but all I could think of was the
unbearable itch on my penis,
so the speeches
and drinking and eating went on
while I sat there
constantly and desperately rubbing the front of my trousers
a mosquito
my libido